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A nurse displays the 9-valent vaccine at a clinic. [Photo/China Daily]

Suspected fake HPV 9-valent vaccines seized in early July might be contaminated by microorganisms, and recipients might face risks, according to a news bulletin published by the Hong Kong government on Wednesday evening.

The spokesperson of the Hong Kong health authority said in the bulletin that the samples failed the sterility test, showing they might be contaminated by microorganisms and present a risk to the recipients, thepaper.cn reported.

The dubious vaccines were forfeited at two medical centers in the Kwun Tong and Tsim Sha Tsui areas on July 10 and July 12, respectively, in a joint operation held by the Hong Kong Department of Health and the Customs and Excise Department.

The previous test results announced on July 24 showed that the products did not contain active HPV vaccine, but no visible impurities or harmful components were found.

Lawmaker Ann Chiang Lai-wan said it was unacceptable that the products might cause health threats to recipients, and further damage the reputation of Hong Kong"s medical industry.

Chiang said authorities should chase the sources of the products and punish the producers and distributors according to the law, and they should inform medical workers that procuring such products might lead to criminal punishment.

Any person who provides bio-pharmaceutical products that do not meet the buyer"s requirements in quality and nature will be fined and imprisoned for three months at maximum, according to the city"s laws.

The spokesperson said in the bulletin that the health authority has not received any report of bad reactions regarding the products, and recipients at the two medical centers are advised to seek help from medical workers in case they experience any discomfort.

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